How autism changed my travel


My latest article went live on Matador Life today. Two years ago my daughter Tanvi (now four) was diagnosed with autism. At that point, my world collapsed and I felt unequipped to deal with the changes and struggles that it brought to my life. Looking back, I think autism struck me more than it struck Tanvi.

Autism Awareness

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We have come a long way since then. This piece chronicles that journey and how it has significantly changed and affected one of the biggest loves of my life-Travel. In writing this article I have tried to take another step towards embracing my child as well as autism for everything that they bring to my life.

I would love to hear what you have to say- here or on Matador. Please see link below-


4 thoughts on “How autism changed my travel

  1. gautam singh says:

    HEey i just came across these two links on autism, one is a story about an autism kid , it might just help you in the future and 2nd is about a seminar that is going to take place some 20 days from now , do hv a look at it


  2. gautam singh says:

    Hey Priyanka
    In your earlier blog I read how Tanvi reacts to music and you would just dump most of her fav. songs on your ipod before you set for any travel…while tlaking to some of my friends I came across this website (

    Do check out the website , since you also stay in US it might make Tanvi’s life a lot more colourful.

    Take Care

    Sorry to bother you

    Peace !!

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